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Inching ever closer.

Despite going out drinking last night I still came up with a 2 pound loss from 3 days ago. I'm so excited because that brings me to 192.0, and I'm SOOOOO close to being out of the 90's! Last time I was that small was junior/senior year of highschool about 9 years ago!

Help please!

First let me say I'm 32 years old and weigh 245 pounds. I had gastric bypass a little over 2 years ago and have lost up to 140 pounds, but gained 20 back. I have re lost that same 20 pounds for a year now. I have tried WW and MFP but fall off plan within days. I want to drop 20 or more pounds quickly and hope to find my motivation back! I have had 3 surgeries since my bypass (the bypass, gallbladder and a revision of my bypass due to scare tissue). I have worked too hard to gain this weight back!

Okay, thats my story. Now my question is....can I do low carb using Lean meats and lean cheese? I should not be eating high fat foods. Will it even work if I don't eat all the fat?

Please offer any input and advice, it is GREATLY appreciated!

Q&A Time Please!

Hi! My name is Brittany, I'm 28, 5'7, and embarking on the second weight loss journey of my life. The first time I embarked on a journey, I was 20 and weighed 174 lbs...18 long months later, I got to my goal weight of 135. I tried many different methods during that weight loss period, but towards the end of it, I found Atkins and loved it. Atkins is what finally got me past the dreaded last 10 lbs to my goal weight.

Unfortunately, I got lazy and started eating a ton of carbs. I even went vegan for two years, because I wrongly convinced myself that it was the best option for me. It wasn't. I ballooned up to a startling 222 lbs. I realized enough was enough, and I had to do something for vanity AND health reasons. So 5 days ago, I started induction. And since it's been quite a few years, I have a couple of questions that a Google search can't quite answer for me. I apologize if these questions have been answered recently.

#1  I remember peeing more for the first several days I started on Atkins...because of the quick loss of water weight. But I can't remember if it lets up after a few days, or it continues throughout the diet. Can anyone that's been on Atkins for awhile answer this question? I work as a waitress and having to pee every hour is getting obnoxious.

#2  Has anyone done Atkins more than once? If so, has it worked as well the second time around as it did the first time? I have heard rumors that the first time you do Atkins, it is a "golden ticket", but the second time the weight loss is not as fast.

Any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you!!

Yesterdays meals

I wanted to start posting my days meals to see where I'm fucking up. yes i swore, because yes I'm getting pissed.
Two egg omelet
2 large brown eggs - 0 carbs (my book lists them as free so I consider them to be 0)
Fancy blend Mozz & Cheddar cheese - 2 servings - 2 carbs
Broccoli, 1/5 cup - 2 carbs, 1 fiber, 1 sugar - 1 net carb
Total carbs = 3

2 cups lettuce - 5 carbs, 4 fiber - 1 net carb
Fancy blend Mozz & Cheddar cheese - 1/2 servings - .5 carbs
marinated mushrooms - 1 carb
marinated artichoke hearts - 2 servings - 4 carbs, 1 fiber - 3 net carb
hard boiled egg - 0 carb
vinigar dressing - 1 carb, .5 sugar
Total carbs = 7 (rounded up)

Texas Roadhouse
Grilled Shrimp Skewer - 0 carbs
Broccoli - 1/2 cup - 2 carbs, 1 fiber, 1 sugar - 1 net carb
6 ounce sirloin - 0 carbs
Total carbs = 1

Hard boiled egg - 0 carb
sunflower kernals - 1/4 serving - 1.2 carb, .8 fiber, .1 sugar
Atkins Choc. peanut butter bar - 12 carbs (after sugar alcohols), 10 fiber, 1 sugar - 1 net carb
Total carb = 2 (rounded up)

Grand total = 13 net carbs

Calories total was 1584
protein total was 114 grams

Starting Induction Again

Hi all. I was on Atkins before and just started Induction again. Today. It's harsh but I am looking forward to Induction ending in 13 days :)

My breakfast was a vegetable omelette (zucchini and diced tomatoes) and coffee with stevia. I ran out of half and half. 13 more days to go....

Atkins Induction Day One


Started Induction on January 2nd

Hello all!

I started my Atkins journey on January 2nd and so far I have lost 5.6lbs! I am totally thrilled. Yes, I know it's water weight at this point, but it's great to see the scale moving in the RIGHT direction! *\o/*
Ok so I test ketones regularly, just about everytime I visit the loo, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced what I'm about to say. It seems as though I fall out of ketoses whenever I eat items with zero NET carbs, that is carbohydrates that are negated with the use of sugar alcohols. And this includes Atkins bars that specifically say they are for ALL stages of the diet (i.e. induction) and also specifically say to subtract the sugar alcohols and fiber from the total carb amount for the end resulting net carb amount. Its pretty disheartening, but we'll see if I still come up with a loss in weight in the morning.
I mean I understand why with artificial sweeteners ending in 'ose' as explained in my book would preventboth ketosis and weight loss, but the sugar alcohols are so blatantly approved for induction by the Atkins brand itself.

Atkins the hunger killer

I'm usually a BIG eater. Like, I usually just wanna be eating/snacking 24/7! But this Atkins diet is making me feel WAY too full for that now. Like, I literally had to just force myself to eat breakfast. And the whole time I was like FML. I really, really, don't want to eat right now. Now I totally get what Dr. Atkins was saying about how grains make us hungrier! If I had known THAT I would have jumped on this eating plan YEARS ago. 

Day two!

Day Two of induction!  I'm back on the diet and feeling good already.  My current weight is 161 pounds today (I weighed 165 yesterday).  My goal weight is 135 pounds.  I'm 5'7 so that sounds pretty reasonable.  There's some good information in this community too bad it's slowed down so much!  So I guess I'll just keep posting until someone gets annoyed lol.  I did great yesterday.  Keeping up with the veggies and turkey burgers.  I have a major chocolate craving right now so I got myself a plain double quarter pounder from McDonald's.  Don't worry I gave the bun to my dog and only ate the meat.  Now, here come the hard poops! lol

Atkins for 2011

The new year is around the corner. I notice this community has been dead for awhile.

I have been following Atkins for the last three years.

The most difficult part is the bread :) Wine too.

Anyone else plan to kick it up a notch for 2011???